The Best Lighting For Makeup Application

The Best Lighting For Makeup Application

It has happened to the best of us; you are out doing errands or at an event and catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or store window and your makeup looks completely different than it did when you applied it in the bathroom that morning...and usually it is not a good type of different. Foundation lines your jaw, your blush is too dark, eyeshadow is reminiscent of the leader singer of an 80’s hair band, and this is the moment when you realize one of the most important beauty lessons of all time: lighting matters!

All the James Charles tutorials in the world will not fix your face if you have bad lighting, and most indoor spaces cast artificial yellow or pink tints and when you add minimal windows the chances are that heavy, unblended foundation and clown-like looks are what you will get. 


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Natural light Vs LED Lighting

Natural light is the best environment for applying makeup, however most of us aren’t venture outside to apply our makeup, and therefore LED lighting is the next best thing you can do for your face!

LED's mimic the sun and offer the best light quality available. LED’s emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light, while other types of lighting must be reflected which can cause more than half the light to never leave the fixture! In other words, LED's let out the most light and are the next best thing to daylight!

 Good For The Environment, Great For Your Wallet!

LED's also have some pretty beneficial side effects such as being cool to the touch and not giving off heat. They are also energy efficient, have a super long life, and are eco-friendly! Good for the environment and your face!

While professional lighted makeup mirrors can get a bit pricey, you don’t need to empty your wallet to get your glow on anymore. Put your makeup mistakes behind you and include the Glicha Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights in your makeup routine.

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Glicha Lights The Way

Glicha Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights are not only great for your pocketbook, they will help you put your best face forward. The USB charging port and shrinkable wires make it easy to fit these bulbs in any space beautifully.. The adjustable brightness feature will let you find just the right brightness with the touch of a finger and because it has a memory function, you will never have to readjust… unless you want to!

One of the most loved features of the Glicha Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights are you that they can be placed perfectly in any space, no matter how large or small.


The position of your light matters and it should hit your face evenly from the front as overhead lighting or lighting from below casts bad shadows. This is a big no-no because you will end up putting on way too much makeup. The Glicha bulbs can be positioned exactly where you need them quickly and directly with suction cups, illuminating your space for perfect makeup application.

Never suffer from mid-day makeup remorse again and include the Glicha Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights as part of your daily routine.

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