Lighting Is a Vital Part of Any Interior Design

Lighting Is a Vital Part of Any Interior Design

When setting up the décor in a home, many people choose the paint color they like, furniture that is functional and comfortable, and a few decorations to make their space feel complete. Lighting for many is an afterthought.  Experienced interior designers, however, make lighting a vital part of their professional design. They understand what a crucial role the right lighting will have in creating the right ambiance for the room, enhancing the design elements and making the room feel the ideal size for its purpose. 

Setting the Right Ambiance

Interior design is both art and science.  It’s the process of making the interior of a space an aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s about setting the right mood. Picture this: You are having a romantic evening with your loved one. The table is set with all the trimmings and everything meticulously arranged. Smooth jazz is playing in the background at an ideal volume. Loud enough to hear it, but low enough to allow conversation. The Champaign is sitting on top of ice in a bucket with a cloth napkin around the neck of bottle. Both you and your loved one are dressed in your best garments and everything around the room seems idyllic.  The moment is perfect.  Now, can you picture what type of lighting the room has? Of course, you can. If you’re like most people, while reading the description above you pictured the use of dim lighting with a yellowish tone. It’s what we imagine when we picture that ideal romantic dinner and it’s what restaurants, bars, and hotels spend millions of dollars every year trying to create with the perfect lighting.  No one ever imagines bright, stadium-like lights illuminating the table. It would be unromantic; It would kill the mood.



The right light products, such as table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, night lights, and other light gadgets can go a long way in setting up the right ambiance in a room. It’s not enough to put track lights in a room and move on to other more “important” aspects of home decoration. In fact, the right lighting is what brings all the other factors together into a cohesive unit that uniquely expresses the character of the room.


Just like an overly bright room can destroy the romantic mood of a dinner, a dim lit room can diminish your productivity in a work area, such as an office or workspace.  In an article written for the University of North Carolina’s business school, titled “How Lighting Affects the Productivity of Your Workers,” the author concludes that light plays a large role on our physical and mental well-being. The wrong lighting can make us lethargic, while the right lighting can make us alert and productive.


Enhancing Design Elements

The appropriate lighting can make a large room feel cozier and a small room feel more spacious.  If the room doesn’t have sufficient lighting, it will feel more crammed, while a large room with too much light might feel like a warehouse, cold and unwelcoming. Modifying this illusion of space requires the right combination of light products. Ceiling lights can serve the purpose of setting up the general mood, while table lamps can make a specific space more comfortable and inviting.  Table lamps can also help bring emphasis into a section of the room.


Depending on the décor and look of your house, you will use different lighting, as well. For example, a modern minimalistic apartment may use more recessed lights while a more traditional look will use more chandeliers, table lamps and other fixtures that enhance this classic look by infusing a general glow wherever they are placed.

Bringing it All Together

The right approach to lighting is one of layering, which means that there’s usually not one singular light fixture that will do the trick, but rather a combination of light products that are used to bring the desired result. Real estate professionals know this all too well. Whenever they’re listing an expensive house on the market, they invest in the right staging of the house, which includes the right lighting strategy.  Studies indicate that houses that are staged with the suitable furniture and lighting, sell 73% faster than their non-staged counterparts. Why? People who visit these staged homes feel the urge to spend more time in those houses; they can visualize themselves in them and are more likely to pay a higher premium for those feelings. The question then becomes, why wouldn’t everyone set up their house to feel that way? After all, this is the place we spend most of our lives and where we create most of our treasured memories.


Having the right lighting strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Glicha has one of the best selections anywhere on the web. We’re lighting professionals who can help make your home achieve its best look with the right light products. Glicha “Lights the way” and converts any space into its fully actualized potential.
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