Glicha multicolor string light. The lights are evenly spaced and emit vibrant colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. The string is long and flexible, allowing it to be wrapped around various objects

The Best String Light Decorating Ideas You Need To Try


string lights

Gone are the days when string lights were packed away in colorful plastic bins in January and then placed away in some dusty old attic or dark corner of the garage until the Christmas season rolled around again.


String lights, globe lights, fairy lights, cafe lights, or whatever you call them have become an integral part of our decorating lifestyle and are no longer reserved for just the Christmas Tree!

Besides being functional, lighting impacts everything from your mood to your productivity and has become an important part of inspired decor. LED string lights can extend your indoor living to the outside and have quickly become a patio staple. As our use of string lights creatively grows so do the style of lights available; no longer are we limited to just colored bulbs or tiny white twinklers. So, as you plan your next holiday event, get together -  or even Saturday afternoon - don’t forget to add some glow to your show!

Light Up Your Special Occasions 

The holiday season begins in October so why wait until Christmas to start sparkling.  Glicha lights your Halloween way with skull, bones, pumpkins, and some very scary, fairy eyeball strings! Not a fan of the trick or treat crowd, add some maple leaf LED string lights to celebrate the Fall and bring an understated glow to your home.


Tip:  For outdoor lights, coaxial staples are best to use if you are securing lights to wood like the side of your home or nearby trees.


String lights aren’t just for the holidays and a Pinterest worthy wedding is never complete without a few (or a few hundred) fairy lights. Indoors or outside, beautiful glowing LED white lights weaved into the landscape, adorning the aisle, or strategically placed along the table centerpieces add an ethereal element for the perfect romantic setting.

string lights


Tip:  Many venues have regulations about breakable glass. Check with your point person to ensure there aren’t any roadblocks standing in the way of your vision.


For your next event, consider using string lights in place of a structure like a ceiling or wall. Strategically placed lights can act as a visual tent top for an outdoor party or as a backdrop to a step and repeat or photo booth. String lights as a backdrop will take an event from good to IG selfie gold!


Tip: Outdoor lights work better with the environment if they are slack in the middle. Make sure the two end points are placed at the same height with a little give so they rest lower at their midpoint.


10 Uses For String Lights You Haven’t Considered

 1. Stuff a strand of mini whites in a couple of mason jars and create a great display that is reminiscent of the fireflies you caught as a kid.

  1. Fill some Grolsch glass bottles with colored lights and you have a beautiful DIY lava lamp.
  2. Use string lights instead of string. Your stringed photos don’t need to dangle from old twine when you can use lights instead!
  3. Illuminate your bedroom by stringing some lights around your headboard. It is a wonderful way to bring some holiday cheer into the bedroom and add extra warmth throughout the winter time.
  4. No bedside lamp, no problem. Hang lights from the ceiling to the floor next to your bed for a minimalistic modern look.
  5. Fake your fire. Add some lights to your fire pit for the glowing look without the hassle!
  6. Add lights to a rustic chandelier to freshen it up and create more drama.
  7. Hang string lights as a lighted canopy over a dance floor for a pumped up party effect.
  8. Share your message with lights. A blank wall is just waiting for a word or two. Using wire to guide your string lights, map out LOVE, DREAMS, JOY, (or whatever words move you) to create a wall of lighted art.
  9. Lighten up a dark corner by adding string lights to a wooden ladder or other natural material for a soft, industrial look.


String lights are the perfect way to easily - and affordably - upgrade your home and events. The cozy, classy, and whimsical ambiance they create will take your space from boring to beautiful in just minutes.

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