Balance LED lamp night light USB power office bedroom bedside table lamp light gift

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Main features: -

Warm light effect.
48 pieces LED light pieces, 50,000 hours of company, warm light for your eyes, will give you a silent and warm home. 
-Balance design
Controlled by two magnetic balls. When you lift the ball from the lower magnet, it will be attracted by the pendant and will remain suspended in the air, turning on the light. 
-Not only a night lamp
This small creative lamp is suitable for study, bedroom, etc. Most types of rooms will benefit from this lamp, since in addition to a light source, it is also a piece of art. 
-The elegant appearance
This lamp is adopted with a design where the lighting element is embedded in the frame so that the light can find the exit. The gentle curve makes it easy for the eye to calm down. 
-Exquisite workmanship
The external frame of the lamp is made of ABS (white, back, red type), wood (robust wood type), which makes it resistant to use. 

Specifications: -
Material: ABS 
- Output power: 1A 5 V 
- Cable length: 1.5 m - 
LED: 5 V 5 W 
- LED source: 48 pieces 
- Color temperature: 3500 K - 
Duration: 50,000 hours - 
Color of light: warm white 
-Iman: 2 pieces of 10x10mm and N35 -On 
/ off switch: Yes