About Us - Glicha's Story

Dear Friends,

We really appreciate your interest in Glicha.

Out of love for the world of lighting, for its colorfulness, for its innovation and creativity, we came up with a desire to create Glicha.

A lighting product site.

On Glicha we present different types of lighting fixtures, various accessories and even lighting gadgets. We work with a very limited number of manufacturers and follow the innovations in the lighting world.

In order to provide you with as much information as possible about the products in Glicha, their features, quality and effectiveness, we have gathered a number of consumer reviews that have been purchased from various manufacturers and suppliers.

We at Glicha believe that the wisdom of the masses allows our client to make the right decision.

We prefer that you will know what you are buying.

In addition, we believe we should bring the information to you as it is without any manipulations and changes. For this reason, you will find a five-star reviews but also one-star reviews. You can also find customer reviews from several countries around the world even though we at Glicha only deliver the products to customers in the United States.

As far as we are concerned, we make an effort to provide the highest quality product, in short delivery times and with a high level of service.

To the extent that it is found that a product is not sufficiently high quality, this product will not be promoted in Glicha.

We would love to receive your feedback after your purchase and hope that the product you purchase in Glicha will be to your satisfaction.

Enjoy your purchase and thanks for buying.

Enjoy Glicha!