About Us - Glicha's Story

If you are looking for your light, Glicha is the place.

We try hard to make it an easy to find store.

We try hard to give you a varaity of light products.

And most of all, we try hard to serve you so you will get the best buying experience.

Visiting Glicha will expose you to Light gadgets, Ceiling light, Table lamp, Light accessories and Floor light. You just need to dive into our collection and choose your light item.

Galicha will supply best quality well design products.    


We take pride in our very own range of lighting, so the customer can find whatever he is looking for. Glicha cater for all tastes. Our aim is to supply a friendly and efficient service, having our customers completely satisfied with their choice.

Hope you will find the item you are looking for and enjoy Glicha.