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10 Colors Anti-radiation Reading Glasses

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10 colors Unisex Anti-radiation Reading Glasses

Too much screen time? Feel your eyes are dry?

Headaches and fatigue?

It is time to use Anti Blue Light eyeglasses.

 anti blue light


Our daily reality looks comfortable than ever by using smart technologies like smart screens and led lights. With all of that technology advantages we can feel the side effect on our body.

Anti-blue light eyeglasses is a great solution to reduce blue light effects.

Less headaches, less fatigue, less dry eyes.

anti blue light



Eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches are symptoms of spending too much time in front of a digital screen. Brightzone lens design has extra focusing power providing you sharper, clearer vision. This patented technology helps you focus more naturally creating less eyestrain.


The overabundance of bright artificial light can create a strain on your eyes. But Brightzone custom lens tints and filters block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. Focus longer. Work more efficiently. Be comfortable doing it.

Look around you. You probably work in an environment filled with fluorescent light, glare, and uncomfortable air currents. Brightzone patented lens technology reduces glare and prevents dry eyes.


Blue light blocker glasses designed to filter out the harmful blue light. Anti blue light glasses is a must for people who spend time with computers, phones, tablets and other electronic equipment during the evening.

anti blue light



A great variety of designs

Here on Glicha.com you will find different designs and colors blue light blocker glasses.


You can choose if you like Blue coating lensses or Yellow Coating lensses.

Each kind has Five different colors:

anti blue


anti blue


 anti blue



Pattern Type: Solid
Gender: Unisex
Frame Material: Plastic
Eyewear Accessories: Frames
Frame color: Bright black, Matte black, Blue, Purple, Leopard print
Lens material: Resin
Lens color: Clear
Function: Radiation protection, Decoration
Glasses Style: Full Frame


So, Protect your eyes and order Anti Blue Light Glasses Now.

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