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Solar Dandelion Lawn lights 8 Function Modes

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 Dandelion Lawn Lights 

 dandelion lawn light

Our dandelion lamp is the new magic you owe to your garden.

Every night when the neighbors look over the fence or when the guests come to visit, everyone will be fascinated by the new lighting you have in the garden.

dandelion lawn light


Each of the rods will appear in vibrant colors. You can place the dandelion lamp rods in different places in the garden area.


dandelion lawn light

During the day, the solar cells will absorb the sunlight and recharge the battery. During the night, the spectacular lights will start to appear.

 dandelion lawn light

You Just need to connect the rods and place it in front of sun light.

dandelion lawn light


 dandelion lawn light2dandelion lawn light


solar lamp


You can choose rods with 90  led bulbs or with 150 led bulbs.

Of course, you can choose between White, Warm White, or Multicolor light bulbs.

The lamp is 85cm height and it has eight function mode. You just need to place it in front of direct sun for about 6-8 hours and it will light at night for about 8-10 hours.

The lamps are made by ABS and are waterproof so you don't have to worry in rainy days or when watering the garden. 

The lamps will give impressive look to your garden, courtyard, lawn, roadside, poolside, etc.

solar lamp


1. There are eight functional modes, the bottom of the solar panel has a button control switch mode;

2. There are 3 leds on each line, 90led has 30 lines, 150led has 50 lines.

Note: Color is three colors of pink, Blue and Green.

Eight function mode introduced:

1. Automatic connection transformation;

2. The wave moves forward and backward (two speeds);

3. Double light horse race (four speeds);

4. The single lamp gradually fades out (three speeds);

5. Stars flash with horse race changes;

6. Double lamps change simultaneously (three speeds);

7. The stars flicker and change;

8. Constantly bright.

 dandelion lawn light

Order now some of Dandelion Lawn Lights  for impressive look to your garden.  

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