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ThinyLamp Ultra Thin Ceiling Lights

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Ultra Thin Ceiling Lights 

 ceiling lamp


The simplest ceiling lamp can be the most impressive.

Yes, that's true. Sometimes the clean and simple is the most impressive. It is the motto of the ThinyLamp. An ultra thin ceiling lamps.

ThinyLamp is suitable for any room in the home: the living room, the kitchen, dining room or the bedrooms. For the office or any other space in the business.

ceiling lamp


ThinyLamp installation is very simple and the appearance is very impressive. 

ThinyLamp is made of painted iron and plastic. ThinyLamp has one light source. Bulbs are included.

ceiling lamp

You will receive 5-10m of lighting area.

You can get it Black or White with different diameters and different light emitting.

ceiling lamp

So, choose the number of lamps, the size and color, and place an order.

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